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ALBANIA EXCURSION (Butrint,Agii Saranda)




Price  Euro
Bus Trip Bus OR Private Minivan
Departure from Parga 07.00-08.00
Arrival in Parga 19.00-20.00
Trip duration 10 Hours
Free time yes

Take with you

hat yes
sun glasses yes
sun block oil yes
towel yes
Camera yes
Sweater yes
Map yes
Walking shoes yes
Water yes

map of excursion




Excursion to AlbaniaAgii SarandaBeach in Saranda in AlbaniaAgii Saranda(Excursion to Albania)Butrint (Bouthroton in ancient Greek)Butrint (excursion to Albania)Butrinti Archealogical sideExcurison to Albania(Butrint)Albania ExcursionExcursion to Albania(Agii Saranda)Mosque in AlbaniaButrint in AlbaniaExcursion to AlbaniaAlbaniaExcursion to AlbaniaExcursion to AlbaniaExcursion to AlbaniaExcursion to AlbaniaExcursion to Albania(Archeological site,Butrint)Lekuresi castle in Albania
Excursion to Albania(Lekuresi castle)

Ecxursion to Albania 

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The excursion to ALBANIA is a day trip to a mysterious  and fascinating country where you can experience for  a few hours another way of life.We depart from Parga between 07.00 and 08.00  and through the  Greek borders we  are passining to the Albanian borders (with control  of the passports). and we are  in Albania,around 09.30. Passing through traditional villages and citrus  groves ,we are  going through Skala (Traditional and proper Albanian village )to  Butrint around 10.30. Butrint National Park lies,Just outside of Ksamili, a UNESCO World Heritage archeological and ancient site set in the beautiful woodlands.Butrint was known anciently as Bouthroton in Ancient Greek and Buthrotum in Latin. It is located on a hill overlooking the Vivari Channel. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Butrint has been the site of an Epirot city, a Roman colony and a bishopric Butrint was an ancient city throughout Greek, Roman, bishopric and Byzantine periods. The city was finally abandoned during the Middle Ages perhaps due to the marsh surrounding and subsequent malaria epidemic. Despite being one of the greatest classical cities of the Mediterranean. The current archaeological site includes an impressive Roman amphitheater, a Byzantine Basilica, a Roman temple with mosaic floor, a beautifully carved lion's gate as well numerous constructions built throughout the periods.Butrint was originally a town within the ancient region of Epirus. It was the one of the major centres of the local Chaonian tribe with close contacts to the Greek colony on Corfu and Illyrian tribes to the north. According to the Roman writer Virgil, its legendary founder was the Trojan seer Helenus, the son of King Priam, who had married Andromache and moved West after the fall of Troy. The historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus wrote that Aeneas visited Butrint after his own escape from the destruction of Troy.In Butrint we will be approximately staying in Butrint  for 2 and a half hours. Then we drive to the town of Agioi Saranda and we stop for free time for 3 hours for lunch,shoping and walks arround. This small town of about 33.000 inhabitants, is an attractively situated port and seaside town. Saranda is built back from the pleasant small beach, fringed with palm trees. On the far side of the bay is the harbor and the modern town above the port facilities, with an unattractive collection of blocks of flats.The town is situated on a beautiful horseshoe bay between the mountains and the Ionian Sea. The name Saranda derives from an early Christian monastery dedicated to Agioi Saranta (Forty Saints).In ancient Greek it was called Anchises Harbour, in Roman times, Onchesmus, then Hagia Saranda, "Forty Saints" Located opposite the Greek island of Corfu, Saranda is characterized by a Mediterranean climate and warm sea waters. Saranda typically has over 300 sunny days a year. We will arrive in Greek borders around  18.00 and we will be back to Parga ,Aproximatelly at 19.00.This  is  an excellent day trip ,combined with culture from the old and new developing land of Albania.

For a private Minivan (If you are 5-6 or 7 persons ,please ask for the Special price with private Minivan and you will be ONLY YOU)E-mail: ephiratr@otenet.gr

Children from 00-04 years old (free of charge,without SEAT) and children from 04 years to 12 years old (Half price)

The entrance to the Archeological sites and the payment to the local guide  is NOT included in the price(Cost is  apprx. few  euros/per person).