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map of excursion



Price Euro  Walking till Acheron  river springs
Acheron River springs
Trekking in Acheron river
Dalals Spring in Acheron river in our trekking
Kanoe in Acheron river
Springs in Acheron river
The ancient water mill
Trekking in Acheron river
Canoe & Rafting in Acheron river in Gliki
Flying Fox in Acheron river in Gliki
Horse riding in Acheron River in Gliki



Bus-Minibus yes
Departure  Parga 10.00
Arrival in Parga 15.00
Trip duration  30 min.
Free time  2,30 hours
swimming   in the river

Take with you

hat yes
sun glasses yes
towel yes
Camera-Walking shoes yes


We depart from Parga at 10.00 with Bus or Minibus and our we go directly to famous Acheron river spings (In the village Gliky) in the Ancient,mysterious and mythological Acheron river., and the world of the mortal met the world of the immortal.At aproxematelly 10:34-10.40 we arrive in Gliki village (Acheron river springs) and we start the walking in the river for one and a half hour (together with our guide) till the springs.Then after the walking there is FREE time.In the meantime in those 2 and a half hours and For the most active persons,there is possibiliyy for some activities in the river(Canoeing,Kayak,Horse riding and you pay locally for each activity you do) There is also a chance for (swimming in fresh water),or enjoying the natural beauty of the area. The nature is unique and protected and there are visitors of all over the world.Remember to wear swimming shoes and protect yourself from the sun.

ANCIENT STORY OF ACHERON MYTICK RIVER.The Acheron river welcomes you to enjoy your day at the refreshing springs of the mythological Acheron river.From this river the gods themselves drank the elixir of life and most important of all–Charon guided the dead souls to the Underworld of Hades.In Ancient Greek mythology the river Acheron was known as the river of pain and was one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld.In the Homeric poems the Acheron was described as a river of hades,into which Codytus and Phlegethon both flowed.According to the Byzantine encyclopedia,the Acheron is "a place of healing, not a place of Punishment.

The price  is   Only  Euro