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Hotels ,Apartments,Studios,Villas,Rooms & Accommodation in Parga and  surrounding  &  Boat  and Bus  Excursions with Special Prices .All houses we will  recommend you are controlled and offer  all  ygienic protocols for (covid19).


As  we are local persons (born and lived in Parga),Since 1987  we have Opened the Travel agency (EPHIRA TRAVEL)and since then and with our experiences ,will help you to find the accommodation for an Unforgetable Holiday in Parga.For any kind of Information ,please contact us Via  E-mail  at: ephiratr@otenet.gr.

 Also you may Book your Boat  & Bus excursions in Parga with our competitive prices  and you can BOOK in advance and save time and money Via E-mail at:ephiratr@otenet.gr .click on excursions.en..





 The new occupancy tax in EURO  per room, per day, imposed by the Greek state, IN NOT INCLUDED IN  ACCOMMODATION PRICES and guests will pay locally and direct to the owner.

Offers Hotels Villas Apartments - Studios
Offers for Studios -Apartments & High class  and exclusive Villas -Hotels & Boutique Hotels
Link for No 30 in Parga(Large Studios and one Big penthouse in centre Parga, High claas,quiet area) Villa-House for 14 persons(Maximum) just few meters from Valtos beach

The outside of the House with 5 Studios

No 30-Villa of High Quality in Parga center

No 140-Villa-House with 3 houses few meters from Valtos  beach 

No 160-House with 3 Apartments  in Parga 

No 47-Large Studios close the centre  Parga

Link for number 32 Villa in Valtos area with gardens and close Valtos beach Link for No 97,with gardnes and high class Studios and Apartments in parga

Brand new Studios(Built in 2018) close the centre of Parga and the beaches of Parga
No 32-Family fully renovated Apartments Valtos,Parga No 116-Studios and Maisonette high quality center of Parga No 97-House with Apartments and Studios and large Garden in Parga

No 159-Brand  new Studios centre of Parga and close the  beaches
Link for No 27, accommodation in Parga Greece, link to the site with pricelist, photo from the accommodation  The fully renovated in 2017 family House
New buil house,High class accommodation in centre of Parga with private parking
House in valtos with an Indipended House and 2 studios
No 27-Cat Superior Apartments, Studios in Parga No 91-Fully renovated in 2017-3 keys studios center of Parga No 158-New built House in centre of Parga with parking close the beaches   No 1-Indipended House (Villa)  & Studios in Valtos Beach Parga
Link for No 59,Traditional stone house with high standarts in parga,Greece

No 59-Stone Unique Traditional house 3 keys in Parga
Link for No 33,Villa close to Lichnos beach

No 33-Villa  close Lichnos beach Parga
Photo of the Stone Brand new house with 4 apartments

No 161-Stone brand new House(built 2019)-Parga
 link  for No 12 ,Maisonette style apartments close the beach in Parga

No 12-High Quality Maisonettes close the beach  Parga
The outside of the house with apartments and private parking in centre of Parga in a quiet area

No 142-Apartments in centre of Parga close the beaches.
Link for No 67 Large Studios in Valtos area with nice views

No 67-Large Studios (excellent value) Valtos area-Parga

No 22-Simple Hotel in quiet area in centre of Parga with parking.

Link to No 52  Hotel on the beach, Parga , Parga Greece

No 52- 3 Star  Plus Hotel,few meters from beach & centre of Parga

Link to No 34 hotel in Parga, Hotel in Parga Greece, link to the site with prices
No 34-Renovated Hotel in Parga center
The Boutique Apart/Hotel
No 35-Since 2017  4 star  Boutique Apart/Hotel close the beach in Parga

Outside space of the Suites ,Few meters form the beach ,situated in a quiet place
No 165-High class Suites and 1 Lux apartment close to the beach in Parga

Onlt 3 Villas with private swimming polls in Valtos beach in Parga in Greece  
No 166-De Luxe Villas with Private swimming pools in Parga

Family House with fully renovated Studios
No 16-Fully Renovated Studios- Parga
Large house for 4-5 persons
No 10-Large House- Parga
Hotels -Apartments-Studios-Villas with swimming pool
Villas with private swimming Pools and Sea views in Parga

No 134-Villas/Maisonnette with Private swimming pools and Sea views-Parga
Link fo No 29, category: Hotels in Parga, Ephira travel accommodation list the pool

No 29- Hotel  with swimming pool Parga center
link to No 3 in parga hotel with swiimming pool

No 3- Maisonettes, Studios of 4 keys with swimming pool
The swimming pool 10 maters away form the House(Use od swimming pool)

No 21-Studios and family apartments with pool in Valtos beach

Hotel in Parga with swimming pool and Parking

No 31-Hotel/Apart  with swimming pool- center Parga  

No 109-New Built Apartments in 2011 with swimming pool- Parga   
Link for No 46, accomodation in Parga Greece

No 46-Studios Apartments with swimming pool Parga

 Boutique Hotel with swimming pool
No 167-Boutique Hotel with swimming pool -Parga

Link for No 41,Hotel with swimming pool,on Valtos beach in Parga
link to hotels, hotel  98 in parga,photo with the pool and the main building of hotel 4 keys resort with swimming pool and sea views in Parga

No 41- Hotel  4 star with swimming pool in valtos beach,Parga


No 98-Apartments, Studios with swimming pool, sea view-Parga

No 48-Apartments, Studios with swimming pool Valtos Parga

No 137- 4 keys Resort with swimming pool and Sea views-Parga
Villa with private swimming pool,close the beach and the centre of Parga

No 144-Charming Villa with Private swimming-Parga
Link for No 51, Hotel in Parga Greece, link to the site with pricelist, photos from the hotel

No 51-Apartotel  4 stars with swimming pool Parga
Villa with swimming pool in Valtoa beach in Parga

No 154-Villa with swimming pool in Valtos beach-Parga
Link for No 26,4 star Hotel with swimming pool,Sea view, close the beach in Parga

No 26-A 4 star Hotel, swimming pool, sea view  Parga
4 star Hotel(built  2018) in Sarakiniko beach in Parga, with sea views,swimming pool,deluxe rooms and Suites with Breakfast

No 157-4 star Hotel with swimming pool -sea views Sarakiniko beach -Parga
Link for number 99- Studios with swimming pool in Parga

No 99-studios with swimming pool
Number 162 the Hotel with swimming pool in Parga-Greece
No 162-Hotel 3 star Plus with swimming Pool  in Parga

Family residencein Valtos beach in Parga with swimming pool

No 50-With Swimming pool & Gardens renovated-Valtos-Parga
Newly Built 4 star Apart/Hotel in Valtos beach -Parga

No 119-4 star Apart/Hotel with swimming pool - Valtos beach -Parga
Villa with swimming pool offering Studios and Apartments in Parga-Greece

No 163-Villa with swimming pool -Parga

Hotels-Apartments -Studios-Villas-Suites  with Sea view
Link for No 28, family Hotel,high class,in Parga(castle area) with sea views
Link for No 66,large apartments with sea view few meters from the beach
Link for No 101 hotel in Parga ,Valtos beach, balcony with sea view Link for number 57 ,apartments with Sea view in Parga view from the balcony
No 28-Hotel  4 stars with sea view or Parga views -Parga No 66-Family Apartments with sea view, above the beach in Parga No 101-Resisence with sea view in valtos beach No 57-Apartments 3 keys with sea view Parga
Lichnos beach where the residence is situated Link for No 43,Hotel High class with sea view ,centre of Parga Link for No 64 with sea view in Parga
Sea views from  Balcony of the House
No 141-Residence  with sea views-Lichnos  beach No 43-Boutique Hotel- with sea view Parga No 64-Studios, Apartment 3 keys with sea view Parga No 9-Studios few meters from the beach with Sea view Parga
Link for No 2,with sea view,on the beach in parga
Sea view from all balconies  sea view to parga 's islet Link for no 54,Exclusive Luxurious Suites ,with sea view,parga,Greece
No 2-Apartments with sea view above the beach and close the centre of Parga No 37-Studios-Apartments-Sea view in Lichnos beach Parga  No 112- Apartments with beautiful sea view castle area Parga No 54-luxurious suits with swimming pool,sea views- Parga

Link for No 103, boutique Hotel  with amazing sea view to parga's islet and the beach
No 103-Boutique Hotel in Parga with sea view to islet of Parga

Link for No 63,House only few meters from Sarakiniko beach

No 63-Studios,Apartment in Sarakiniko beach, Parga
Family residence (Fully renovated in 2017)High level in Anthuossa few kilometers away from Parga

No 38-Apartments,Studios Cat Sup.Anthoussa Parga
House in centre Parga

No 114-Studios and Apartments in centre of Parga
Link for No 14 ,Stdios,apartments in castle area in Parga

No 14-Villa with Studios apartments castle area, Parga
No 118  Outside photo of the Apartments in parga

No 118-Apartments  with Gardens in quiet area  in Parga
Link to No 6 Pension  in parga with photos and pricelist

No 6-Pension Rooms and one Apartment centre Parga
Sea views in the end,Views to Venetisn castle and to parga form the balcony of this accommodation in centre of Parga

No 150-3 keys studios center of Parga
Link for Apartment for 4/5 pereosn  No 76 in Parga Greece.

No 76-Cat A family large Apartment in Parga
The house ,close the centre of Parga with Studios and 2 family apartments
High class residence close the centre of Parga Views form the balcony of the One Apartment and the One  Studio
No 145-Apartment-Studio close the beach of Parga
The house with maisonette(with sea views) and Studios
No 68-Cat B  Superior Studios ,Apartments  in Parga No 139-Residence with studios,apartments ,centre of Parga The house with Rooms and Studios
No 138-Rooms-Studios 1,5  Κm. from Lichnos beach
No 133-Maisonettes (with sea views) & renovated Studios-Parga
The House/Villa close the centre of Parga with Studios for 2/3/4 persons

No 125-House- Studios  close centre in Parga.
Number 114 House close to parga center and beaches

No 104-House- Studios -family apartment- Parga
Sea views form the House

No 136-Studios-Rooms with sea views 1,5  Κm.from Lichnos beach

House with recently renovated Studios with High class ,close the centre of Parga and the beaches

No 131-Renovated Studios close the centre and  beaches, Parga  
Villa with Studios and Apartments Only few meters from  to Piso Kryoneri beach

No 36-Apartments- Studios centre of Parga,few meters from the beach

No 145-One Apartment-one Studio close the beach and centre of Parga


 Hotels - Apartments - Studios - Villas arround  Parga (IN  METEORA, IN PREVEZA CITY, IN AMMOUDIA
Link for No 81,Hotel in Kastraki,Meteora Link for No 45 resort in Lefkas island The San Stefanos famous beach of Corfu island Villas with private swimming pools and sea views in Lefkas island
No 81- Hotel in Kastraki-Meteora No 45-Apartments,maisonettes with sea view  in Lefkas No 148- Quality Residence-San Stefanos beach in Corfu island. No 127-Villas with Private  swimming polls-Sea views,Lefkas island.
Link for No 84 ,5 star Hotel in  Lefkas Geece 65km from Parga greece Link for No 55,Lux Hotel in karavostasi beach  link for No 88 ,Villas with private pools in lefkas island Link for No 62(Lux Hotel) ,5 star Hotel-Spa with swimming pool and sea views
No 84- 5 Star Spa Hotel in   Lefkas No 55- 4 star Hotel, on the beach, Karavostasi Beach No 88-Private Villas with swimming pool in Lefkas No 62- 5 star Luxurious Spa Hotel in (Mourtos-Syvota) - Thesprotia
Hotel with swimming Pool .close to the beach in kastrosykia,Kanali beach  in Greece
No 87- Hotel 3 stars with swimming pool,close in Kastrosykia,Kanali beach No 110- Boutique  4 star Hotel  in Preveza No 111- Hotel 3  star superior in Preveza No 122 -Villas with private swimming polls-sea views, Lefkas island.

Link for No 107,Studios and apartment close to Ammoudia beach Apart-Hotel on the beach in Vrachos-Loutsa beach
No 120- Residence,on the beach in Lefkas island with swimming pool sea view  No 107-Studios apartments in ammoudia village No 128- Hotel-Apart with Sea views,in Vrachos-Loutsa beach. No 105 -Studios - Maisonette in ammoudia beach Preveza
Luxury resort in paxos island(Gaios)
De Lux Residence with Villas with private swimming pool in Plataria,half an hour form Parga Villa for maximum 12 persons with private swimming pool,Sea views, in Agia paraskevi in Syvota 100 meters from the beach House in Loutsa beach with sea views and close  to the beach
No 132- 4 star resort & Villas,swimming polls,Sea views,Paxos island(Gaios). No 146-Villas with Private  swimming polls in Plataria close to Parga. No 149-Villa with Private pool -sea views Agia Paraskevi beach- Syvota No 156-House with sea views few meters from Loutsa beach.